Germ Finance

Pre Sale

How to Buy ?
Only Binance Smart Chain Do not send money from the exchange.
Metamask & Trustwallet
Connect your Metamask Wallet.
Write down the amount you want to buy in (BNB).
Click on the Buy token button and give the necessary confirmations.
After the payment is completed, your tokens are automatically sent to the wallet address where you paid.
Manuel Buy You can also buy tokens by sending BNB directly from your wallet to this contract (please increase gas limit to 200,000 or even more for tokens with special functions like autoLP, swaps, etc.) Presale Contract
Presale Price $0,1
Listing Price $0,15
Soft Cap: $ 125.000
Hardcap: $ 1.350.000
Initial Market Cap: $1.980.000
Full Diluted Market Cap: $3.000.000